Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Spending Time

Last week, Grig worked Monday and Tuesday, and then he was told not to come back in until this Tuesday.

That wasn't as bad as it sounds. They were paid for Thursday (because it was New Year's Day), and he used his floating holiday for Wednesday. So technically, he was still paid for the full week. This week they are working Tuesday through Friday (or Saturday), so he'll get a full week of work this week too.

That's not a good sign for what is supposed to be the busy season, but I was pretty grateful to have my husband home most of last week. It was strange to have nearly a week to just get things done and spend time together.

We got a lot done, and things are moving forward with the house.

It looks like we'll be closing the sale mid-February if everything goes well. There have been a few  hiccups, but nothing that wasn't overcome with the help of the Lord.

Thursday, we are paying for the inspection. Hopefully everything checks out alright.

I'm pretty seriously excited. Everyone who comes over to our apartment gets a virtual tour.

Having Grig home all last week wasn't that good for our finances, but it was awesome for our marriage! Good news, our marriage is stronger than ever!

Sometimes it's nice to just spend time together as a family. Life gets busy, and we don't always stop and appreciate the people in our lives the way we should.

I am so grateful for this new year and the new opportunities that come with it. I'm excited by the changes that are happening in our lives right now.

We have been blessed and helped by so many people, and we are so grateful for everything that has been given to us.

We are constantly reminded how much we have to be grateful for.

One of the things that we finished this weekend is that we were able to voice-record for Dragon and the Wolf Episode 4! That should be finished later today or tomorrow.

Every time I make one of the cartoons, I learn quite a bit more about animating. Everyone is kind of a way for me to see how much I've improved.

Do you remember I announced I had a new idea for a project a few months ago?

Well, we finished voice recording for that too. I realized that voice recording first and animating to the voices is a much better way to go about it.

I'm learning a lot, and grateful for the time that I have to work on these hobbies and with my hubby.

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