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Book Review Wednesday: The Eye of the World

The Eye of the World
Author: Robert Jordan
Length: 782 pages
(My) Rating: PG - PG13

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I have been a fan of Robert Jordan for years. I couldn't tell you exactly when I first read this book, but it was somewhere between 7th-9th grade. The other day I decided to re-read the series, and also complete it. I've read most of the books two or three times, but I haven't read the final book yet.

The Eye of the World is the first book in Robert Jordan's epic series. It is set in a fantastic world with many different and original cultures. Robert Jordan writes likable characters that are realistic and interesting. 

Rand is a young man who lives with his father just outside of Emond's Field. While traveling to town for the local celebration, he spots a man in a black cloak watching him. His father doesn't see the man, but when he speaks to his friends, Mat and Perrin, they tell him that the man is black has been watching them too. Later that night, only their homes are attacked by monstrous Trollocs. 

This is the beginning of an incredible adventure that catapults Rand, Mat, and Perrin in a wild journey where they, with a couple of other young women from their town, join the Aes Sedai Moraine and her Warder Lan. Racing across the country, they visit many different cities, and meet many interesting people, with the Trollocs and Myrddraal always close behind them. 

As the book continues, you discover why they are being chased and who is after them. 

There are many interesting aspects of this book. One, which my husband and I have discussed, is the interesting place that women hold in their culture. In almost every culture in the book, women tend to be in charge. There is a queen, the female Aes Sedai (who are essentially magic users), and even the Women's Circle, who basically run Emond's Field. 

The dynamics between the characters are always fun to read, and they do respect to both genders. 

I have heard differing opinions about this series, but I find it fast-paced and gripping. It is one of those books that every time you read it you learn or catch something new. For some people this book might take you a while to read. The very length will make it for either avid readers or older ones. This book takes me a couple days to read, but I enjoy longer books. 

I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys fantasy or Tolkien. 

My one complaint about this story is that the ending can be a little confusing. It wasn't until this last time that I read it that I really felt like I knew what was going on at the ending. 

Parental Guide

On my scale, this book is probably PG for content, and PG-13 for length. There is very little in the way of sexual content, and very little swearing as well. 

The world that Robert Jordan has created also has its own swear words, which are inoffensive in general. There are a few British swear words that have made their way into the book, but those are even few and far between. 

There is violence, but nothing gratuitous and it's mostly against Trollocs. A few people die, but they don't go into detail about their deaths. 

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