Thursday, January 29, 2015

Our Very Large Puppy

Arkhon is now 28 weeks old, That means that he's almost 7 months old. He is getting really tall, but he's not very heavy still. He is built like a sprinter and he is very, very fast. When we go to the dog park, he runs circles around the other dogs.

Our little puppy is now taller than Dakota.
 She's still in charge though. If he gets on her nerves, she shuts him down pretty quick. He is very submissive to other dogs, and gets along with everyone.

He knows how to sit, stay, shake, speak, heel, lay down, jump, stand, and hold treats on his nose. He is very gentle with Kevin and he loves everybody he meets. He almost always comes when he's called, and he is very good at staying out of the kitchen. He very rarely has accidents in the house, and we're working on barking when we need to go outside.

If he has one fault still, it is that he still can't contain his excitement when people come over to visit, or when he sees people outside that he knows. We're still working on not jumping on people, but once he gets over his initial outburst, he does really well.
 Arkhon loves to play with his brother Loki. From left to right in the above picture, you have Arkhon, Dakota, and Loki. The puppies are both about the size of Dakota now. She's still got weight on both of them, but that's about all.  

Kevin and Arkhon love to play together and they chase each other around the house. Kevin greets Arkhon each morning with a "A-ming, Khon!" It's very cute. 
Kevin loves his puppy. Arkhon is very patient. 

Things are going really well. We've had a couple of hiccups with the house that seemed like bad news at first, but might actually end up to be the biggest blessings we've received yet!

We haven't put as many pictures up of Kevin recently, because he has recently developed an aversion to clothing, and really, usually I don't see a reason to force him when we're in the house. He keeps everything on fine when we're outside, and he is letting his diaper stay on, so I'm not too worried about it.   

We've been abundantly blessed, and we're so excited to have a yard! Arkhon and Kevin are going to love it!

Dakota is going to enjoy being outside too. I've let her winter coat grow, but she gets too hot in the house sometimes. I'm going to enjoy having a bigger kitchen and a yard. And a house that I can put pictures up without feeling bad about poking holes in the walls. We haven't put any pictures up in our apartment for that reason. 

I'm rambling now, so I'm going to end this blog post. 

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