Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year, for Halloween, Grig's parents sent us a package containing a some costumes.

Arkhon's first Halloween. He tried on Kevin's onesie.
Grig, Kevin, and I all received a superman shirt, which was perfect since the theme of our ward party was superheroes.

We kept the costumes hidden until Halloween night, and then we pulled them out. The first first I put on fit me okay, but the shirt Grig tried on just didn't seem right. The neck was too wide and it fit him weird. We decided maybe it was a girl shirt, and we switched.

Hooray for that! The shirt fit me much better, and the one I had been wearing looked much better on him. I'm glad we noticed that before we tried to leave the house. Kevin's costume was a little big, but he loved it.

I have a really old book in the house called Batman: A Purrfect Crime. I can't find the version I have anywhere, so it's probably not made anymore. It's cover fell off long ago, and it's copyrighted from 1992. It's getting pretty old.

However, it is absolutely Kevin's favorite book. However, I am more of a Superman fan myself. I like Batman quite a bit, but I prefer Superman.

Unfortunately, Kevin, at this point anyway, seems geared toward Batman because of that book. He'll run into his room and say, "Batman, batman." He knows what he wants.

So, when we put the Superman costume on him, he became very excited and pointing to the emblem said, "Batman, batman."

"No," we told him, "it's Superman."

"Batman," he repeated.

He did that to us all night long. I'm pretty sure that by the end of it, he was just teasing us because he liked our reactions. We wanted to get it on film, but we can't find Grig's old camera that we've been using to record videos. That's pretty sad.

We went trunk-or-treating first and wandered around to all the parked cars in the church parking lot. Some people had delicious home-made cookies and doughnuts. They were delicious. Kevin got a lot of candy.

Then, we went inside and played games and activities for a while. Kevin really had a good time, especially in the Hulk room where you were supposed to build buildings and then rip them down like the Hulk.
This was supposed to be Wonder Woman's lasso.

After 7:15 or so, we left the party and went to my grandparent's home to go trick-or-treating. We visited with them for a few minutes and then went around the block to their neighbors for trick-or-treating. Kevin caught on pretty fast. By the end of our short run, he was trying to say, "Trick or treat?' and he was definitely saying, "Thank you." He enjoyed ringing the doorbells and getting candy from everyone.

We had a great time.

At about 8:00 we had to go home because Grig's coworker and family were supposed to come over and Grig had work the next morning. Kevin and I watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown while we waited for them to show up, but they never came. So, after the movie finished, we went to bed.

It was a wonderful Halloween.
Chasing balls.

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