Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gratitude Week 2014: Passing Time

Today, I am grateful for the passage of time. Sometimes it feels like we don't have enough time, but I was thinking yesterday how grateful I am that we age and grow.

We have a television mini-series called Neverland. It is a series that explored the origins of Peter Pan, and we really enjoy it. In this series, they focus a bit on the Native American population of Neverland. At one point, they show a baby and explain that the baby is actually over forty years old (or some huge number like that. It may have been closer to 100).

Grig and I have talked about how awful that would be. Can you imagine having a six-month-old baby and having them never change or grow. You'd be buying diapers forever, for one thing, but you'd also never see the person that they'd eventually become. That would be tragic.

As much as sometimes children (and puppies) grow up too fast, it is still a wonderful thing, and I'm grateful for it. I'm also grateful that I have gotten older and grown. I would have hated to be stuck in high school forever, just as it would be agony to be stuck where I am now.

Part of what makes life wonderful is enjoying every moment as it comes. It would be disastrous if changes never happened (even though sometimes they can be awful). I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father that time does flow on.

I love seeing what Kevin learns each day and how big Arkhon has grown in such a short time. Sometimes I miss those previous stages of life, but the new changes are also thrilling.

I'm glad Neverland is a fake place. Children should be children when they are children, but it is important for us all to grow and change.

Even though old age may not be something I look forward to, it is a part of this earthly experience and should be treasured. We also need to treasure those in our lives who are in these twilight years and learn from their vast experience.
Old age is difficult for Dakota, but she's still happy. We're happy to still have her with us!

Life is too short to waste, and too wonderful to miss.

I'm so grateful that we have time given to us.

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