Monday, May 4, 2015

Mormon Monday: A Super Miracle

I have once again decided to attempt to manage my time better. So, Kevin and I went on a walk today.

As we were leaving, I opened the stroller and found Kevin's Superman toy that has been missing for a while. He was pretty excited to see it, and so I handed it too him. It was a gift from my parents, and it is one of Kevin's absolute favorite toys.

It essentially looks like this: link

I felt like maybe I shouldn't bring it, because he was likely to lose it, but I shrugged the feeling off and told myself that I'd notice if he dropped it.

We left poor Dakota home, because she's too sore to walk very far, and I wanted to run.

And run we did.

Every time I stopped, Kevin would say, "3..2..1..go!" If I didn't run immediately, he would say, "Mom, I said 3,2,1, go!" Until I ran again, he would continue protesting. It was fun, but I haven't really ran in a while, so I quickly became tired. Arkhon helped pull the stroller though, so I felt pretty good.

Needless to say, I quickly forgot about the toy that was in my son's hands. After a while, we took a break and I handed him an apple and drank some water.

We made a large circle of our neighborhood. We went about five blocks south, one block west, and then looped back toward home. On the way we stopped at a neighborhood park. Kevin played for a while and I stretched and ate my apple. Arkhon was pretty tired, but he'd gotten to swim in a canal for a bit, so he was pretty happy too.

After we played for a while, we walked a different way home, and (after stopping at a neighbor's for a  while to let Arkhon play with their dog) we went home.

About an hour later, I suddenly remembered the Superman toy.

With a sinking sensation, I realized that I hadn't seen it for a while, and Kevin had most definitely not brought it home.

I left Kevin with Argent and retraced my steps. I went all the way back to the canal, but I didn't want to leave them alone for too long, and so, I returned home without finding the toy.

I was pretty sad about it, and a bit angry at myself for bringing it with us.

When Grig came home from work, I told him the sad news.

Then, I took the car to go grocery shopping. On the way, I decided to retrace my steps with the car in the hopes that I might see the toy. It was a far-fetched hope, but I was praying, and I felt like I might be able to find the toy.

I drove five blocks south without any sign of the toy. Then I turned west. In the middle of the block, I spotted something lying in the middle of the sidewalk. With joy, I quickly pulled the car over, and ran to look.

It was Kevin's toy!

Three hours later, and I had found it in the middle of the sidewalk. It is a miracle that no one had moved it, and that it was somewhere that I could spot from the road.

I finished grocery shopping and returned the toy to Kevin's grateful arms. We then had a prayer and thanked our Heavenly Father for helping us to find the toy. (I had said a few already, but we decided to say another one).

There's a happy kid :)
If you think that Heavenly Father doesn't care about the little things in your life, and you shouldn't bother him with them, please think again and remember a story about a Superman toy. It probably wasn't that big of a deal if we lost it, but it meant a lot to Kevin, and I was praying pretty hard to find that toy. If it means something to you, it means something to Him.

I know I was guided to it, and that my Father in Heaven allowed us to find it again.

Miracles do happen today, and they happen everyday. Sometimes, we have to just be willing to pray and then do our part. If we do that, great things will happen and we will be able to see His hands in our lives.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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