Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Backyard is a Wonderful Thing

This post isn't written to rub the fact that we have a backyard in your face.

I just wanted to point that out at the very beginning.

However, I am super grateful for our backyard, and even though it's been a lot of work, things are finally starting to look better.

That's not to say that we're done with it. In fact, our yard is currently in badly need of a haircut, but we haven't yet bought the trimmers.

It's been kind of weird actually. We decided on a lawnmower, and Grig went to the store to buy it. Both times he tried, his card would not work. There was plenty of money on the card, it just wouldn't work.

Every time since then, when I've planned to go to the store and pick up the lawnmower, it's been raining. We're not complaining, since it's free watering, but it does discourage lawn mowing. There's probably some reason we weren't supposed to buy it yet. I'm sure someday we'll know what that is.

Meanwhile, our grass keeps growing. Grig kind of likes how our backyard looks like a jungle right now. My only complaint is that it's getting hard to find the dog poop.

Oh well.

I love this picture!
Strangely, there are still bare patches, so it adds a lot of variety to our yard. We're hoping to re-seed those patches, but if we leave the grass alone, maybe it will go to seed and we won't have to?

It's worth hoping for.

Kevin, the dogs, and I spent some time outside today, and I finally had to bring the camera out because they were all being really cute.

It was a good day to take pictures. They were all super-photogenic.

It's such a nice thing to go outside, and not have to worry about keeping Kevin out of the road. I love just letting him run around and do his own thing, and not having to have the dogs leashed all the time. We love our house and we're super grateful to our Heavenly Father.

Later in the afternoon, Grig and Kevin climbed trees together. I wasn't here or I probably would have joined them. Or I might have taken pictures. They are really cute when they play together.

On a completely unrelated note, since some of you have been wondering, we still have our snake. He is getting bigger.

Kevin loves his snake. He becomes very sad when we put it away without letting him play with it. We have to keep reminding him to be gentle, and he's learning. Oryx (our snake) is getting a lot bigger. We might need to buy him a new cage soon.

Our fish is also still alive. I haven't killed Renji yet, and he's now lived longer than Gin. That's made me pretty happy.


  1. You have a backyard. *I* have a million dandilions and giant pile of cedar shavings in my backyard. I'm not saying that to rub my million dandilions and giant pile of cedar shavings in your face. Just so you know.

    1. We don't have a million dandelions yet, but they're doing their best to get there :)