Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Baby Animal Days

Last weekend, we attended Baby Animal Days at the American Heritage Museum.

Kevin had a fantastic time, though some of the large animals scared him a tiny bit.

It's fun to see how much he's grown since last year. He's still too young to ride on the pony rides, but next year he'll be old enough.

Here are some pictures we took, as well as a new video.
Here's a baby bison.
Family picture before the candy cannon.
Waiting in line for the baby bears took forever, but Kevin was a good sport!

The baby bears were pretty cute. We enjoyed watching them once we made it through the line.
This little exhausted cub was especially cute.
Kevin loved the rabbit. He keeps kissing its forehead.
Sometimes he had to snuggle into Grig's coat to keep warm.
Kevin sure loved to play in the petting zoo.
Despite his face, the train was probably his favorite part.

Kevin loved all of the baby ducks and other animals.
The foal was super cute!

It was pretty tempting to get Kevin a chick. Once he held one, he never wanted to let go. Here he is giving it a kiss.

This final horse is worth a few more words. He had a funny little mustache and we fed him some grass. Right after he finished eating it, he let out a really loud neigh which sprayed grass all over my face. It was pretty funny, but unfortunately we were out of room on the memory stick so we didn't catch that moment on video. He was a nice horse though; huge and gentle.

We had an excellent time. It was a bit cold, but Kevin had his superman jacket and cape, so he was okay.

Here's the video I made for it:


  1. That sounds like you had a lot of fun, despite getting grass sprayed in your face! Love seeing your fun times!