Monday, April 27, 2015

Mormon Monday: A Pair of Slippers

Yesterday was kind of a crazy day. I thought I woke up plenty early for church at 1:00 p.m. I didn't even have to prepare singing time, because it was ward conference.

That means that the stake primary presidency was going to be teaching. I was just going to be learning.

So, time passed while I fed Kevin and worked on family history videos.

Suddenly it was 12:30, and it was time to go. Grig had an early meeting, and so he'd already left.

I was all ready, except I hadn't put my shoes on yet. I was still wearing my slippers. However, Kevin wasn't dressed, so I made a mental note to slip on my shoes and then I got him ready.

By the time I finished packing everything and loading up the car, we were nearly late. We rushed into the car and ran into the church. As it was, we were a couple minutes late. We found Grig, and quickly sat down.

We've been singing with the choir lately, but we'd missed practice today for a few reasons, and so we were surprised to find out that we were singing during the meeting. However, we were willing and we'd been to nearly all the practices, so we got up with the choir, walked to the front, and sang.

Then, we walked back to our seats in the back and sat back down.

The meeting continued.

During the closing song, I suddenly thought, "My feet sure feel warm and comfortable." I looked down, and saw, to my horror, that I was still wearing my slippers!
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The picture above looks pretty similar to my slippers. 

I was horrified and really embarrassed. I pointed out my feet to Grig, and he said, "Yeah, I noticed. I just figured you did it on purpose. I was glad you had comfortable shoes for once."

Granted, my Sunday shoes aren't the most comfortable things on the planet, but I never would have chosen to wear my slippers to church. 

I don't think I would have been nearly as embarrassed if I hadn't walked to the front wearing my overly large fuzzy slippers in front of everyone. I told him I had to run home and change. I didn't want to be leading the primary music in front of the stake primary presidency while wearing fuzzy black slippers. 

I was laughing by then, though I was still pretty embarrassed. 

Luckily, we only live five minutes away from the church, so I drove home quickly and changed my shoes. When I got back with the right shoes on and I told the other people in the primary about it, one of them told me that she had noticed, but she'd just thought, "Good for you." It reminded her of times that she had done the same. 

Of course, then they were very kind and shared their embarrassing clothing stories with me, and I felt better afterward. 

I was thinking about it though, and it probably isn't that big of a deal which shoes I wear to church. The most important thing is that I'm there. 

I was embarrassed a bit, because as much as I'd like to deny it, I do care what others think, but I would have been willing to just stay in those slippers if it hadn't been important to me to dress my very best for my Heavenly Father. 

When I go to church, I go to strengthen my testimony and take part in sacred ordinances. 

I try to wear my very best clothing because I feel that it shows my Heavenly Father how much I respect and care for his sacred ordinances. It can also be distracting for other people who are trying to feel the Spirit and draw closer to our Heavenly Father when someone is tromping around in big fuzzy slippers. 

I don't want anyone to think I'm trying to tell them what to wear to church. That is a personal decision, and regardless of what you wear, you are always welcome at our congregations. I'm just sharing my thoughts about why, I personally, try to wear nice clothing to church.

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