Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Changing and Growing

Lately, I've been putting our family videos onto dvds. It has been a fun trip down memory lane for the past three years.

It's hard to believe that Kevin was such a chunky little guy, and that he's changed so much in only three years.
This was Kevin on the day he was born. It wasn't the best birth ever, but I was sure grateful for the results. It is kind of weird to think that without modern medicine, neither Kevin nor I would be here today.

He was 8 lbs 11 oz at birth. It is kind of funny actually, because I see people with their tiny babies, and I think, "Kevin was never that small!"...or at least not on this side of the tummy wall. I ask them how much their babies weigh and they tell me things like, "Oh, she's grown so much! She's nearly eight pounds now!"

He had dark hair and many fat rolls. His eyes were blue, and he was generally a very happy baby.

This is Kevin now:
He still has blue eyes, but his hair turned blond a few months after he was born, and it's been fairly light ever since. He's talking and running and jumping. Sometimes he thinks he can fly too. Moving so much has really slimmed him down. Every day I think he can't get any cuter and he proves me wrong.

He loves to play with other kids, and he loves to have adults to play with too.

He's really been talking lately. It's been fun to have Argent (my sister-in-law) staying with us. Every time she walks upstairs, Kevin yells, "Look, Argent! Look!"

If I don't respond right away, he repeats it until I express excitement as well. Then, he'll run up and give her a big hug. He sure loves his aunt.

She's been sick, but she's starting to feel better, and Kevin is excited to do things with her.

Kevin loves Arkhon. He and his puppy are best friends. They run around and play and Arkhon tolerates nearly every game that Kevin comes up with. Sometimes we have to play referee, but they do pretty well for the most part. Arkhon would never dream of hurting Kevin, though Kevin occasionally hurts his dog on accident. Luckily, Arkhon has gotten bigger.

A lot bigger.
The size of our puppy

The size of our 9 month old dog.
 He is really doing well. He gets a bit excited when company first gets here, but he calms down quickly.
Long-suffering, thy name is Arkhon.

Dakota is still hanging in there. She was diagnosed with breast cancer over a year ago, but she's still going. She's pretty sore most of the time, and occasionally her breathing sounds atrocious, but she's a champ. Even though Arkhon is taller at the shoulder now, she still tells the puppy who's boss.

Kevin loves her too, but she doesn't play any more, which makes Arkhon more fun. Argent likes Dakota better. She likes how calm she is. Arkhon has too much energy for her most days.

Our snake is doing well, and is a lot bigger. I'll have to put some updated picture of him up soon. Our second fish, Renji, is also still alive. Hopefully he'll keep going for a while. I think he's already out-lived Gin.

Grig and I have grown and changed a lot in the last three years too. We've grown closer, and have become less selfish. We're still works in progress, but I have learned a lot from becoming a mother. Who could have imagined that we would be where we are now, with our own home? Sometimes it seems too good to be true and I have to thank my Heavenly Father for our many blessings.

I look forward to more lessons from my crazy family

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