Friday, March 20, 2015

New Betta and Other Changes

We have a new betta fish.

I wish I could say that it was because the first one was doing so well that we decided to purchase another, but that would be untrue.

Ichimaru Gin died yesterday.

In fact, yesterday was kind of a rough day for me.

I got a lot of wonderful things done, but between killing the fish and a couple of other things, I was a pretty sad puppy. Sometimes it's really nice to have a kind husband who can just hold you when you cry and doesn't blame you for killing your fish, even when he liked him too.

So, evidently there is this thing called temperature shock. If you put the fish into water that differs too much from the water they are currently in, they can go into shock and die very quickly. The water doesn't even have to be dangerously warm. If just has to be different. Yesterday, I changed Gin's water and put him back in his tank.

He began to swim around, and in retrospect, I realize that he was swimming frantically. Then he began to jump at the surface of the water. I had never seen him do that before and it bothered me. I wasn't sure if he was happy because the water was clean, or if something was wrong.

I don't know all that much about fish.

Anyway, within a couple of minutes he seemed to have settled down near the plants at the bottom, and I figured he was okay. However, a few seconds later, I saw that he was only his side and not moving. I quickly got him out of his vase and tried to help him, but I was too late.

It's probably stupid, but I was pretty sad. I really liked Gin. He was a fun little guy and I didn't mean to kill him.

Kevin doesn't understand death at his age. When I told him that I had accidentally killed his fish, he said, "Yay!" and clapped his hands. It was kind of funny. However, when I told him that his fish was gone, he got pretty sad.

I couldn't bear the sight of the empty bowl, so when Grig got home I asked him if we could go get another fish. He agreed and we headed off to Petsmart.

So, here is our new fish. We named him Abarai Renji.

It's just Renji for short. We're hoping to keep him alive much longer than Gin. He's a really beauty. Renji is a half-moon betta, and he's a little bit shyer than Gin was, but he's starting to get comfortable.

Yesterday, we also picked up our new toilet. After a lot of discussion and some internet searches, we got it put together. Here is the finished product:
Goodbye, leaky, non-flushing toilet!

That was a good way to end yesterday evening.

Whenever I start to feel sad or overwhelmed, I have a couple of wonderful helpers who always perk my spirits up.

The other day, I made a blanket fort for Kevin. After we made it, Kevin and I were playing when I suddenly looked around and realized that Arkhon was missing. I called for him, and to my surprise, he came out of the fort.

I think he liked it even more than Kevin did.
Dakota and Arkhon are finally friends I think. They sometimes play together, though he can still drive her nuts.

It's obvious that he loves her, and sometimes, just sometimes, you can tell she loves him back.

Why else would she let him use her as a pillow?
I have a lot of blessings, and I'm so grateful for our new home. Little by little, it's really starting to look great.

It been great having my sister-in-law (Argent) here. She's been super-helpful, and I've really enjoyed getting to know her better.

There are always trials, but we know we'll make it through them, as long as we stick together.
It helps when you wake up your husband before you take a selfie.

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