Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dyeing Easter Eggs

So far, our Easter schedule is working out great.

Yesterday, we spent nearly the whole day cleaning our house. For only having lived here for a couple of months, you wouldn't think it was that dirty. Some of what we cleaned was from the previous occupants. Grig washed the windows on the outside and the difference is spectacular!

The house feels great, and I would nearly feel comfortable letting the Savior come and visit. That was the whole point.

After we finished cleaning, we dyed Easter eggs. It was Kevin's first time, and he loved it!

He dropped his first egg into our plastic cups of dye, causing the fluid to slosh everywhere. After that, he was more careful. He was really excited when he pulled the first egg out and it had turned blue.

After his second egg was finished, though, he told us the eggs were done and he didn't want to dye them anymore. He had a great time, though.
Here are all of our eggs. From left to right (we had two eggs each, we put our eggs in the same column) you have Kevin's eggs, my eggs, Grig's eggs, and Argent's eggs. She left just before we remembered to take pictures.

Today, we were going to go on a family hike, but Grig and I ended up make a hike to the temple instead. That was also appropriate, we felt, because mountains are often symbolic of temples in the scriptures. We still want to go on a hike this week, but we ran out of time today. Grig had a fishing appointment with a friend, and by the time we returned home, it was nearly time for him to leave.

We put some desks together that a family member had given us, and reorganized some furniture.

Things looked pretty great afterward.

We're still hoping to be able to go on a hike at some point this week. We're looking forward to it.

For anyone who's wondering why Grig is at home instead of at work, it is not his fault. They told everyone in his department not to come in this week. They use the excuse that they don't have enough parts, but some of Grig's co-workers told him that they do this nearly every year to match the kids' Spring Break. He'll be back to work next week, and even though we don't appreciate the reduced paycheck, we are grateful to have him around so much. We've been having a fun time.

It's made Easter week that much more special!

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