Monday, September 19, 2016

Salsa, Applesauce, and Playsets

It's been a pretty crazy last few days. On Thursday, Kevin and I went outside and picked up all the apples off the ground. I then called my grandma to ask her for her advice. We'd thrown away the really rotten apples, but I wanted to make the rest into apple sauce. I didn't have an fruit juicer though, and so my wonderful grandma offered to bring hers and come and help me.

Kevin has been a great helper!

These are our two boxes of tomatoes. The ones in the bag are from our garden. The others are Roma tomatoes that I picked with my sister.
So, I cut up the apples, and boiled them. Then, once they were boiled, my grandma came over and we put them through the juicer. Kevin helped by turning the crank on the juicer. We made six quarts of beautiful applesauce.

However, as you can see from our tree, we are going to have a lot of apples this year. I'm pretty excited. We love apple sauce, and we bought a dehydrator this year that we're looking forward to making dried apples with.
  It's pretty loaded.
Then, Friday and Saturday, I worked on the ripe tomatoes. It turns out that salsa takes a while to make. We've now made about 10 quarts of salsa and four quarts of tomato juice. It took most of Friday night and Saturday evening, but I'm pretty excited to have so much salsa. It tastes really good too. :) Kevin helped me cut up the vegetables with our vegetable chopper.

 Then, yesterday, while I was working on salsa, we also decided to finally move our playset. We've been wanting to do that since we moved into our house. This is where it used to be:
However, that is the sunniest part of our yard, and we've been wanting to expand our garden. So, with the help of Grig's brothers and Allopex's friend, we moved the heavy wooden playhouse. 
This area is so much more open now, and I LOVE where we have placed the playset now. It looks so good, and, to me, it just seems to fit perfectly in the new spot. We have to make a few repairs, and then we're probably going to repaint it. It's been a pretty productive weekend. :)

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