Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Frozen Fruit Snacks

Last Wednesday, we went to the store and bought some groceries. At the store, there was a sale for 3 for $5 on fruit snacks.

Kevin loves fruit snacks, so I chose three boxes and brought them home.

Over the course of the week, Kevin ate all of the fruit snacks from the dinosaur box and the regular fruit box.

At one point, Kevin asked Grig from some fruit snacks, and Grig told him that they were all gone.

I said, "No, they aren't. There's a box of Frozen fruit snacks still."

Grig gave me a funny look, and the conversation moved on.

The next day, the topic came up again, when Kevin again asked for some fruit snacks. Grig once again responded that they were all gone.

"No they aren't," I repeated. "Remember, I told you that there is a box of Frozen fruit snacks left over."

He gave me a funny look again, and then asked, "Did you pull them out to defrost them then?"

Now I was confused. I said, "Why would I need to defrost them?"

"Well," he replied, "if they're in the freezer, don't they need to be defrosted before he eats them?"

Now, entirely confused I stopped and thought about what he was saying. Why on earth would the fruit snacks be in the freezer?

Then, like a bolt of lightening it hit me. I began to crack up. Grig was still confused and didn't understand why I was laughing.

Finally, I managed to gasp, "The fruit snacks aren't frozen! They're Frozen, as in, Disney?"

It took a couple of seconds, and then he began to laugh too.

However, when I actually pulled the box out of the cupboard, I found out they weren't actually Frozen, after all.

"Never mind," I told the others, "they're not Frozen; they're Inside Out."

"That's a weird thing for them to be," Grig's brother Allopex said. "I wonder how they got them inside out?"

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