Friday, June 3, 2016

The Zoo and Softball

Monday was Memorial Day, and we had a really good time.

We went and had lunch with family, and then we went to the local zoo. It's changed a lot from when I used to work there. There are a lot more hands-on things to do, and they have quite a few reindeer. Kevin wasn't sure he wanted to touch this one, but he finally gained courage and did so.
 There were still a lot of neat birds, but the great horned owl was particularly impressive.
 I thought this hawk had a very cute face, too.
 They had a new exhibit with an iguana. At first we thought it was empty, but after the other people left, he came out just for us. He was an impressive fellow.
 This black crowned crane was fun to look at too. They had a few other cranes as well (the sand hills are some of Grig's favorites because of the sound that they make) but this one was new to me.
 The yak was easy to see this time too, and seemed to be enjoying the heat, though he was shedding like crazy!
 When we had almost finished our tour, Grig and Kevin were playing. I was "base" and Grig was trying to keep Kevin away from me. A scuffle occurred, and Kevin ended up scraping his knee on the sidewalk. It bled a bit, but the zoo had some band aids in the store, and they gave us one. That was super nice of them!
 Afterward, we went to the park and Kevin got to play for a while. He really had a great time having his dad around!

Then, on Wednesday, Grig's company had a softball game. Before it, we all practiced together, and then Kevin and I went to watch and cheer him on. 

Or rather, that was the intention, but Kevin fell asleep on the way and slept through most of the game. 
 Grig played the game as the catcher, and he did well. It was fun to watch him play with his coworkers.
 He also was up to bat three times and hit the ball each time. He made it all the way to third one time, but unfortunately the ball was caught and he didn't make it back to second before he was tagged out.
He and his team did awesome and they ended up winning. We were really proud of him. 

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