Friday, January 29, 2016


As is normal, one of my New Year's goals was to exercise more. Specifically at least 5 times a week.

In all honesty, I've been doing pretty good at it.

Last week was rough. We were watching kids all week, and so I didn't get it in. This week has been a little less crazy, and I've done 2 out of 4 days so far. It's not quite to my goal, but I'm getting there.

A long time ago, a friend gave me some Turbo Jam dvds. I've found that exercising with videos might be my thing.

I'm not a self-motivated runner. I think it's boring, and I don't really enjoy running to just run. I like to play sports, and I will push myself when playing against other people, but it's hard for me to just run (plus, it kind of hurts my knees.)

I enjoy biking, and I started doing that last year before all the snow came...but then all the snow came and I wasn't sure what to do. We've gotten some really good snow storms this year, which I am grateful for, but it makes it really hard to even take the stroller out, especially when its less than 20 degrees F.

So, I wasn't sure what to do.

However, when I started exercising with this video, I really enjoyed it. It was like exercising with a group, but without any of them being able to see you. I hate it when people can see me when I exercise. It's really hard for me not to be self-conscious.

However, I get some encouragement, and doing it with other people (even if they're not really there), really motivates me to keep going.

I had been doing lower-body and abdominal strengthening exercises, but yesterday I decided to do a 40 minute cardio workout.

At about 20 minutes, I was done. I so badly wanted to turn it off and call it good for the day. I had even moved to get the remote to turn off the tv. However, for some reason, I didn't. Instead, I kept going, and to my surprise, it got easier. I wasn't as tired suddenly, and by the end of the video I had more energy than I'd had at the beginning.

Evidently it has been a while since I pushed through my limits. I forgot that you can get a second wind and that after muscles warm up, they are easier to move. I'd forgotten a lot of things.

After I finished, I was feeling really good about myself, and now I'm not sure what kind of exercise I want to do today. Part of me wants to do lower body again (which is where I need the most toning), but the other part wants to give the cardio another go.

Tough choices, but I'm happy that I'm accomplishing my goals.

Another one of my goals was to go outside at least once a day. Kevin needs to play outside, and even though its cold, he loves it. He looks pretty cute all bundled up too.
Kevin helps teach me to get back up after I fall
It's not always easy to go outside either. Some days, I'm tired and don't want to get us both all bundled up. Other days, it's too cold, and I enjoy being warm. However, every time I do it, I find that we really have a good time. 

Goals can be hard, and sometimes it's easy to give up on them, but if we push through the adversity, it will get easier. I'm learning that.

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