Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"They're Stuck in the Closet!"

On Sunday,we had some friends over for dinner. We are going to call them the Trebuchet family. They are the owners of Arkhon's brother, Loki.

Everything was going well, when suddenly the oldest of the children came running upstairs. We're going to call her Joan.

"They're stuck in the closet!" she said, sounding quite alarmed.

Instantly, I was a bit irritated. Kevin was playing with the middle daughter, Florence. I had already told the kids that they weren't supposed to go into the brother-in-laws' rooms when they weren't downstairs. So, I ran downstairs, ready to chastise the children about making bad choices.

However, when we got to the bottom of the stairs, the oldest girl turned the opposite direction that I was expecting. Instead of turning toward the bedrooms, she turned toward the playroom.

So, then I thought, "Oh, no! They're stuck under the stairs." However, my guide continued past that closet too.

Now, I was confused, and my annoyance had completely faded away.

"What closet are they locked in?" I asked Joan.

She pointed to the entertainment center and I saw the doors begin to shake.

I busted up laughing.

You have to understand, our entertainment center is full of toys, and in the year that we've owned it, Kevin has never climbed into it. I hadn't even thought about him doing that.

My laughter brought everyone from upstairs, and this is what they found:

Picture is used with permission from parents'. However, I was told to give them awesome names. Hopefully the ones I picked are adequate. :)
Kevin and Florence had climbed into the top shelf by using the drawers as stairs. It's amazing what kids come up with when they work together.

Anyway, after I stopped laughing, I went and got the camera and took some pictures.

It was pretty awesome.

Arkhon got to play with his brother too. They sure have grown:
Today, Kevin asked me if he could climb into the cupboard again. I told him not right now, but he sure enjoyed it the other night.

He never wanted to come out.

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