Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Potty Training

So, I know I mentioned this on yesterday's blog, but I am so stoked about it, that I had to talk about it some more.

A few months ago, I started feeling like Kevin was "almost ready." He was starting to go into the other room when he needed to poop, and he would tell me when he was wet.

We tried him in underpants for a night and a morning, and he was dry all night, used the potty in the morning, and was dry until about noon. Then, after noon, he had three accidents in a row.

After the third accident, I decided he wasn't quite ready. I told myself that I would wait until he could tell me that he needed to go to the potty.

Three days ago, he decided it was time.

Since then, he has only had one accident. He is not wearing diapers during the day anymore, and he's been doing really well. He even told me that he had to use the potty at church. I was super impressed!

Hopefully this isn't TMI for anyone, but I am really proud that essentially he is potty-training himself. It has been his idea, and he's been doing a great job.

It will be super nice to not have to buy diapers for a while. Our son is awesome and we love him. We are discovering that Kevin is the kind of kid who fights if you tell him to do something, but if it's his idea, and you encourage him, then nothing can stop him. We've tried to make a big deal out of it when he does something right, but we're really trying not to push him or make his experiences negative. We just praise and reward him when he does good things, and correct him immediately if he does bad things, and then afterward show him an increase in love. So far, it seems to be working just fine, but we're new at this and we're still figuring things out.
Arkhon was potty-trained before he was a year old, but he is a dog, after all. 
It's taken until he's almost three for him to be potty-trained, but that's just fine. Hopefully the next child learns sooner, but with Kevin as an example, there's no reason why he/she shouldn't.

We hope.

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