Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pink Room of Death

Ever since we bought this home, there has been one room that I have rather strongly disliked.

I call it "The Pink Room of Death."

Obviously, it wasn't a deal breaker for me, but I definitely wanted to change it. As you can see from the pictures below, the walls had been painted a rather interesting shade of pink. If that wasn't bad enough, the door, random rain gutter (who knows why that was there), and shelves had been painted a deep red.
This is a picture from when we first moved in. It's a pretty grainy picture, but I'd already removed the rain gutter in the other pictures I took. 
Then, on top of the clashing pink and red, the trim near the ceiling had been painted black with gold spotting. 


These pictures were taken right before I began painting. 

I started painting before everything went crazy, and I had been hoping to have the room painted for Grig's sister before she went back to Virginia. However, after her first surgery, I decided she didn't need the added distress of the paint smell, so I left it alone until she was gone. Then, while the room was cleared out, I spent the next week slowly working on it before Grig's brother moved in.

Here is the completed project:

I really like the way the closet turned out.
I think it looks quite nice. Part of the reason we chose the teal was to cover up the black paint. We knew we could do that with fewer coats if we didn't use white on the trim. I really like the color.

I finished painting Friday night, and one of Grig's brothers moved in the next day. They now each have their own room, which is a lot better for them. They were pretty crammed with all their stuff in one room.

Well, that's one more project off my list. Now on to the next thing.

We're doing pretty well. Kevin woke up yesterday morning and wanted to use the potty, and that was pretty exciting. So, he got to wear his underwear most of the day. He didn't have one accident, but when we went outside to play, we thought we'd better put a diaper back on. Hopefully he wants to use the potty again today.

He and Arkhon are adjusting well to Dakota being gone. I think they miss her sometimes, but they are both exuberant and things don't keep them down for long.

We are thinking about getting another dog, but until Grig gets a new job, we can't take on any more expenses. So, we wait and enjoy the dog that we have.

Isn't he handsome?
He is quite a good dog. He's been digging in the backyard, which drives me crazy, but I finally caught him at it yesterday, and was able to tell him off. Dogs, like kids, need to be caught in the act. You can't chastise them for something that they did hours before. They won't know why they're in trouble, and so they'll associate the correction with something else. I need to catch him a few more times, and then I think he'll get that he's not supposed to dig.

Other than the digging, he has very few foibles. He does tend to get over-excited when people come into the house, but we're working on that.

Kevin has learned to ride a tricycle. He's finally tall enough that his feet touch the pedals.

He was willing to wear this shirt, because he thought the treble clef was an "S" for superman.
He's growing up so fast! In just over a month, he'll turn three. That's pretty crazy. Where did my baby go?

This has been kind of a crazy year. There have been some pretty major trials, but also some major blessings. Who ever thought that we'd already own our own home?

We're pretty grateful for our many blessings, and I'm super glad to have that room painted. It's something I've been looking forward to for a long time.

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