Wednesday, February 25, 2015


So, we took back our expensive purchase and returned with a much cheaper alternative.


Gin, our new betta Fish!

Isn't he gorgeous?
Kevin fell asleep on the way to the petsmart, so Grig and I debated different fish for a while. Ichimaru Gin, or Gin for short (pronounced with a hard g, like goat), was our compromise. Kevin woke up just in time to agree to our choice. We showed him the other fish, and he pointed to the one we'd already picked out. I guess that made it unanimous. 

He is a crowntail betta, also known as the Japanese fighting fish or, more correctly, the Siamese fighting fish. 

Gin seems to be happy in his new home. We put a few rocks on the bottom and some fake plants. Though this picture makes him look too big for the container, the curve of the vase he is in just makes him look really big. The vase is pretty large for a single fish. He seems to love it.

Kevin has had a few exciting weeks, but we're finally starting to feel settled in. He also has picked up a new sport. He is pretty good at serving ping-pong balls at his grandparents' home.

It has been warm around here lately, so the dogs have been shedding. We've been getting tired of dog hair around the house, so I gave the dogs a trim yesterday. 

Here are the dogs before:
And after:

Arkhon doesn't look all that much different, except that you can see his brown half-circle on his back better. Dakota, however, always looks a lot different after a haircut. I only trimmed their fur down to 1/2 an inch, because we're still supposed to get more snow, but they seem a lot more comfortable in the house. Less hair makes us happier too.

We are getting a new housemate this weekend. 

Grig's sister is coming to live with us. We'll have to choose a pseudonym for her too. Well, actually, we'll let her choose her own. Kevin's grandmother is driving her here and their going to stay for a little while. Kevin is going to love having his grandma and aunt around the house!

It will be fun to have company for a while! 

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