Thursday, February 19, 2015

Some of My Favorite Things About Our New House

I was just thinking that I should write down some of the things that I like the most about our new house.

I love how much room there is. The bedrooms all feel really big, and having a yard is the most wonderful thing ever! I love the trees on the property.

Interestingly enough, I also love having things to fix up.

The house is in decent shape, but I'm really enjoying having things to do. It's nice to be able to improve and organize our new home without worrying about damaging it or losing our deposit. There is still a lot to do, and that is exciting for me. It keeps me up and away from the computer. A lot of my goals before involved doing things on the computer, and that was boring for Kevin and not so good for me. I still have goals on the computer, but I also having things to do elsewhere that help me move around more and spend more time with my son.

Today, I dug up all of the thistles in the yard using a trowel and my hands. My fingers hurt afterward, but Kevin crashed as soon as we came inside. He is taking his second nap in two days.

This outside things really is fantastic. Kevin stopped taking naps a couple of months ago, but I guess now we're properly wearing him out during the day. We're also wearing out the dogs. Arkhon is conked out right now too. The weather is telling me that it's 55 right now, but it feels like 75 to me.

Today, we also discovered sidewalk chalk. We've had a box full since we've gotten married, but I didn't want to get in trouble for coloring the apartment sidewalk, so it's just sat in our closet. Now we have our own cement, and Kevin and I drew pictures of Superman and traced Kevin's outline. He love that and I had a good time too!

The dogs look smaller in this house. Arkhon especially looks like a much smaller dog. In the other house, I couldn't believe how big our puppy was getting. However, in this house, he looks like a small, medium-sized dog.

I love all of my cupboards and drawers. There are so many places to put things, that I am having trouble knowing what should go where. I'm figuring it out, but it's an exciting challenge.

I love having extra counter space in my kitchen as well. It makes me pretty happy. I now have places to cook and mix things on, and Tuesday we had a family gathering here. We were able to put the food buffet-style on the counter and people could dish up from there. That was fantastic! Our fridge is also much bigger.

However, probably my very favorite things is not having any cockroaches! That is the most amazing thing of all. The house just feels so much cleaner because of that.

As far as least favorite things go, that would have been the fact we didn't have hot water for a few days, but now that we have hot water again, I don't have very much to complain about. Maybe the fact that there is so little grass in the backyard is kind of sad, but that is something we are planning to fix this spring.
It looks much better with the leaves raked up.
So many exciting things to work on! I am so happy right now! Yay for life!


  1. That is so exciting. I keep trying to plan a time we can come visit. I don't know when it will be yet but I am hoping soon.