Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Taking Comfort from a Fortune Cookie

Last Saturday night, Grig and I went on a one last date before he went back to his job.

We went to a Chinese place.

I ordered a dinner platter of orange chicken. The waitress pointed out the lunch menu that had less chicken. I said I preferred the dinner menu, and she told me that she hoped I was hungry.

When they brought my food, I thought, "At least I'll have left-overs." There was A LOT of chicken.

Though we were having a good time, the impending separation was hanging over our heads. I was feeling pretty sad about it, even though I knew it was only going to be around four days. It still seemed like it was going to be a long time.

As we finished up our meal, we were given fortune cookies. I kind of hesitated, and then I said, "Well, let's find out our fortunes."

Grig opened his first. His said something like: You are an adventurer. You will be traveling down a different road.

"How appropriate," I said. Then I opened mine. It said: You are on the right pathway.

I found that hugely comforting. I don't believe that fortune cookies tell the future, but I do believe that the Lord can speak through all mediums, and I felt like that was His way of telling me that everything was going to be okay.

It has been. I miss my husband, but we've been busy, and that's made the separation easier.

I'm sure excited to see him on Friday though.


  1. I believe that too :) When we moved to Rexburg from Provo, I took great comfort in the fact that the exit number was 333. 3 is always good news for me. I think Heavenly father is soft and kind enough with us to give us signs when we really need them.

  2. When Jeff is away on business, it is the worst. I hope the time goes quickly for you!