Friday, May 5, 2017

Foster Care Update and Swimming

So, I haven't been posting anything about foster care lately, because we've kind of been playing e-mail tag with the home inspector. She would e-mail us, then we would e-mail back, and then we wouldn't hear from them for a week. The people in charge had decided we needed to have one more medical examination. I guess they've been busy, because it's taken a few weeks to get the details and information that we needed.

Hopefully we'll be able to schedule that appointment today and get everything worked out.

Other than that, we've been staying busy. My friend and I have been walking over four miles every day, and things finally started warming up this week. My skin has gotten three shades darker since Monday. Today I even let Kevin play in our little toddler pool.

The water was freezing, but he didn't want to get out. Tough little guy.

He was having a great time splashing me and the dogs. They liked getting in the pool at first, but after he kept splashing them, they decided to stay away for a while. They are good sports.

Kevin finally came out when I offered him a popsicle and a towel. Then he went straight into the bathtub. After that, he put on pajamas. Guess we can all go back to bed now.

Just kidding.

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