Thursday, December 3, 2015

Kevin's Third Birthday

Among the many exciting things that happened in November, my son turned three!

We ended up having two birthday parties for him. We had a local one the weekend before his birthday, and then another party actually on his birthday. He had a lot of fun at both.

Before all of his friends and family came over for the local party, he and I built a cardboard castle. I was taping the walls together, but that didn't seem to be working so well, so I decided to sew them together instead. The castle is still standing. It has two towers that can be entered from the main area, and a drawbridge that goes up and down. It's closed in the above picture. 

I was pretty proud of it when we finished. Kevin was also pretty excited to show it to his friends. 

The local party was pretty low-key. We had a piñata, and the kids enjoyed swinging at it. Kevin got to go first since it was his party, and it wasn't broken until my cousin took a whack at it. They all seemed to enjoy themselves. 
It was a Darth Vader piñata. 
Afterward, we had cake and ice cream. Kevin had chosen the cake himself. It was blue velvet and it tasted pretty good. We had cream cheese frosting on top, and I drew a dinosaur. Our boy loves dinosaurs right now.

He got some pretty fun things this year from us (like underwear and bed sheets), and his friends and family brought him some fun things. He was pretty excited about all of his gifts. Mostly, I think he really enjoyed having everyone over to play. 

For his birthday, we promised him that we'd take him to watch The Good Dinosaur. So, the night before he actually turned three, we went and watched it (he was still free). 

He loved it. My dad took the following picture of us at the theater. He and my mom came with us too, and we all really enjoyed it. Kevin loved the movie and his theater experience. It got a little loud sometimes for him, but he only covered his ears during one scene. 

He loved the popcorn though. We had to fight him to get to eat any of it.

The next day on Kevin's birthday, we went to my dad's school to play at his indoor playground and in his ball pit. Kevin had a great time. At one point, he went out to use the restroom. When we exited the restroom, he could see everyone playing through a low window. He headed toward the window while I went toward the door. I thought he was just going to look through it at his cousins. Instead, I heard a loud boing, and I looked to find that he had ran straight into the window and bounced off. Evidently, he thought it was the door. 

He cried for a while, I laughed for a while, and later I took a picture of him with his window. 

I'm such a mean mother.

He recovered pretty quickly, and was soon back to playing. After they had their fill of the playground, we went to the ball pit. He had a great time there.

We all really did. 

After we returned to my parents' home, we had another birthday party for Kevin. He opened a few presents, we sang a few times, blew out some candles, and generally had a great time. 

The birthday boy opening his presents.(I think my dad took this picture too)

He loved his gummy cake that his grandma made him.
It's kind of crazy that my baby is now three-years-old. It's really hard to believe that so much time has passed. 
How did this guy
turn into this guy?
Sometimes, I really miss having a baby around, but it is really fun to see how much Kevin is learning and growing each day. He's my good friend, and I love him very much. It is so fun to see the way that he plays with his dad, his uncles, and his dog. He has so much love and personality. 

Happy birthday, my son. I waited my whole life for you to come, and I can't tell you how grateful I am that we have you in our lives. Our home would be empty without you.

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