Thursday, July 16, 2015

Events of Some Magnitude

Last week, my husband cut my hair.

It was getting obnoxiously long. When I would lay down in bed, it would get caught under my armpits, and I would be stuck.
So, after months of not getting a haircut, I finally asked my husband to cut it for me. He was a bit scared. He'd never cut hair before, but I was sure he'd do a good job. He let me learn how to cut hair on his head, so I thought it was only fair that he should learn to cut hair with me.

They watched a short youtube video, and then with my mother coaching, Grig cute my hair.

He did a great job. I am very happy with my shorter hair.

I love this guy.
The other crazy thing that has happened this week is that Grig found out this his job is closing. The plant is going to remain open until the end of October, so he has some time to look for work, but it is a little scary. 

When he told me, however, I didn't feel any worry at all. I just felt peace and a sense of excitement. We'd been praying for a while to ask if Grig should be looking for a different job. We felt like this was the answer. 

We don't know what the next few months will hold, but we know the Lord iwll take care of our family. We appreciate the prayers in our behalf, and are so grateful for those who have been willing to do so.

The other momentous thing that happened this week was that our puppy turned 1!
Happy birthday, Arkhon!
We were going to have a party with him and his brother, but Loki's (Arkhon's brother) owners ended up having company at their house and couldn't come. We were sad, but didn't let that deter us. 

I ended up walking into town to obtain the ingredients we needed. By the end of the walk, Kevin and I had traveled over five miles! That's pretty impressive for me.

Once we got home, we baked Arkhon a cake. We were watching my friend's kids, so they helped me bake it.
Here's the cake without all the frosting on. It was shaped like a dog.
I have a recipe for homemade dog treats. We mixed all the ingredients together, and then I shaped it into a dog shape.

Then, we put a can of canned dog food on top for frosting. It made it look pretty disgusting, but the dogs liked licking the "frosting" off of my fingers.
Here's the cake with the frosting and the dog bone candle.
 Then we placed a bone on top and inserted a candle into the bone. I think it looked pretty awesome when it was done.
We also made a peanut butter bar cookie cake for the rest of us to eat, since we didn't actually want to eat the dog's cake.

Once everything was ready, we lit the candle and sang "Happy Birthday." Arkhon got to sit at the table for the first time in his life while we sang, and then Kevin blew out the candle for him.

He was very good about leaving it alone until we gave it to him.
The dogs really enjoyed the cake. Then we gave Arkhon a couple of presents, mostly from the dollar store.

Really, I decided you shouldn't buy any dogs treats from anywhere besides the dollar store. We got a whole box of treats for a dollar. That made me pretty happy. 

Arkhon had fun. It's crazy that he's a year old now. We haven't had him for a year yet, but he's turning into a great dog. He listens super well, and he has very few issues. Mostly, he still jumps when he's excited, and he will occasionally whine when we leave him behind. 

He doesn't have accidents in the house anymore either! We figured out that if we ignore him when he's excited until he calms down, and then make him lay down before we pet him, then his jumping is becoming less. I think he's figuring out finally what we want. He and Kevin are best friends. They chase each other around the living room, and he never even nips Kevin. 

Kevin's getting better at being gentle as well. 

Aside from the news about Grig's job, things are going pretty well. Please pray for us. We feel as though this is supposed to happen and that the next opportunity that Grig gets will be good for our family, but we also know the power of prayer and would be grateful for any extra faith on our behalf. 

Thank you again!

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