Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bounteous Harvest

Before we left, Kevin and I also picked some of our pie cherries. We found quite a few of them. 
Kevin ate many of them raw, we froze a few, and gave some away. 

After returning from working in Idaho, we found our garden overflowing.

It rained nearly every day we were gone, which made our plants really shoot up. The tomato plant we have has really exploded (in a good way).

So, yesterday, Kevin and I went out to pick some vegetables.

We were pleased to find that we had quite a few pea pods that were ripe for the pickin'. The lettuce harvest was also quite large.

We picked peas and cut off lettuce, and then we came inside to wash them.

The lettuce, after it was washed and the bad pieces cut off, filled four bread bags.
The peas didn't give us nearly as much, but Kevin sure enjoyed pulling them out of their pods, and I sure enjoyed eating them. Next to corn on the cob, fresh peas are my favorite thing from the garden.

They're pretty much gone today, but we still have plenty of lettuce. Luckily we have a few friends who are happy to take some bags off of our hands. We can't eat that much lettuce! 

We used a five leaf blend, so it's a good assortment of lettuce in our bags. 

We've been super blessed. I'm pretty excited that our garden is doing so well. We look forward to eating more fresh vegetables over the next few months.

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