Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Giving Blood

Last night, we went and donated blood to the Red Cross. Kevin obviously can't donate yet, so I had to wait until Grig was entirely finished for my turn.

So, I had to find some way to entertain him while we sat and waited. First, I pulled out the mirror that I keep in my purse and let him play with that. He was pretty happy with that for a while, and then he started kissing his reflection. It was super cute!

After that, we played Ring Around the Rosie on my lap. He spun around in a circle as I sang the song and when I said, "All fall down!" he would say "Duh!" and sit down on my lap. We played that for a while and entertained the other people who were waiting around us.

After about an hour, Grig finally finished and it was my turn. He took Kevin, and while I got my blood pressure taken he and Kevin went outside and found a bee's nest. Yikes.

Anyway, I quickly answered the questions and then had to wait for a bed to empty out. It didn't take too long, and soon I was laying on those chair recliners they have. The guy who was marking up my vein on my arm filled up the arm pressure thing way too much. I had pain spiking down my arm and I could see my fingers turning purple. When I made a remark about it, like, "That's pretty tight," he just laughed and said, "Yep, it will only be a moment." Then he took his time magic marking around my vein in the pit of my elbow. I probably should have said something, but I figured if I just endured the pain for a while, he would release it.

It felt like it took a long time as pain began to shoot down my fingertips and I felt my arm going numb, but in reality it probably was only a couple of minutes. I've had my blood drawn a lot in my life, as well as my blood pressure taken, but I've never had anyone pump it up to the point where it hurt before.

Crazy fun.

After that, everything went smoothly, and as always, they hit my vein on the first try. I finished filling the bag within 5 and 1/2 minutes, and then we ate a few snacks, went and looked at the bee's nest, and then went and got pizza. It is difficult when you're leaving soon, because it is hard to want to cook more food when you're trying to get rid of all of your food before you go.

The pizza was an excellent way to end the night.

I'm pretty excited for our vacation. I love road trips, but Grig doesn't like driving as much as I do. Hopefully he has a good time anyway. We're going to be in the car a  lot, so we've been planning on doing some fun things.

Tomorrow might be my last blog for a little while. We'll see how much I feel like blogging while we're on vacation.

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