Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Corn Maze

On Saturday, we had a pretty busy day. Some friends had invited us to their son's baptism, we wanted to go to the temple, and we were having a family party at lunch. Somehow, everything fit into the schedule, and it wasn't even too crazy. 

The final part of our day though, was going to Fall Festival with our friends. We've previously called them the Trebuchet family and they're the ones who own Arkhon's brother Loki. Kevin and their second girl, who we call Florence, spent most of the trip holding hands and walking around together. 
 It was pretty adorable. As soon as they saw each other, they were pretty much stuck together. We paid our entrance fee, and wandered around for a few minutes while we figured out what we wanted to do first.
Here's the three older kids. They had a blast!

After a few minutes, we decided that we should do the pony ride and the train before they closed at 7:00. So, we stood in line for a while, and then, after putting on helmets, Kevin was able to ride a horse all by himself!

He was pretty excited, and the ponies had really good temperaments. They got to walk in a circle two or three times, and then their turn was over, but it was a good few minutes for the kids. Right before he was lifted down, he patted his ponies neck and thanked him.  
 Then, we went on a train ride. The older three kids all rode at the very end of the train in the prison caboose. They loved it! When we went back to help them our of their prison, Florence and Joan came right out, but Kevin wanted another ride. When we told him that his turn was over, and if he wanted another ride we had to go stand in line again, he nearly had a break down. Eventually, we were able to coax him from the caboose and we got back in line again. If he had been in charge, we would have kept going all night.
 He LOVED the train. We enjoyed it too, but after two times and a steadily longer line, we went to eat dinner instead.

We had brought our own food, and our friends were awesome and shared some of their snacks with us. We shared some of our dehydrated apples with them too.

After we finished eating, it became pretty cold, so Grig ran back to the car and got our coats. Then, we wandered slowly over to the corn maze. On the way we played on hay-bales, shot a bb gun (that we're pretty sure wasn't working), and took a group picture.

The corn maze was pretty tricky. It was huge! At first, we just wandered around and tried to find our way without assistance. However, after about an hour, the kids were beginning to get tired. I'll be honest, I'm pretty useless inside of mazes like this. I have no directional sense at all. We reached an edge of the corn maze and we stopped and pulled out our map. It took us a few minutes to figure out where we were, and then we began to follow the map. As we went, it quickly became apparent that we were on the right track. My friend's husband B took the lead and the rest of us herded children behind him. Grig helped direct us for a while, but most of our flashlights died, so B ended up being our sole navigator.

As we went, we began to collect an entourage. We began finding people who had no idea where they were and who were ready to get out of the maze. It took another hour and a half (I told you the maze was huge), but we finally emerged at the end. By that time, we had at least three groups of people following us. They thanked us, and continued on to their various activities.

We had reached the end at the perfect time too. Kevin was done.

He was tired and ready to go home. We thanked our friends and then went home. Half-way there, Kevin fell asleep.

As we were driving home, Grig and I began talking about how much we liked showing people the way out when they were lost. We've been the "smart people" before, and had people follow us out of mazes, and every time it is a lot of fun. However, as we were talking, we came to the realization that we would never follow anyone else out of a maze. We liked to give help, but we weren't very good at taking it. We like to figure out things on our own. It was okay to follow B out tonight, because we had helped him figure out where we were, and he was part of our group, but we would never follow another group of people out.

It's nice that other people are more humble than we are so that we can help them.

It was a great night!

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