Monday, July 11, 2016

The Best Things Kevin Said Last Week

Last week at one point, Kevin was in the bathroom, sitting on the potty. He was talking and playing, so I thought I would go and check on him.

1st Situation: 

Mom: Hey, Kevin, how's it going?

Kevin is holding a foam sword in his right hand and he begins to wiggle the fingers of his left hand at me.

Kevin: They're battling.

Mom: Oh, the hands are battling the sword?

Kevin: Yes, they're winning.

Mom: Are you about done? If you come out, you can have a fruit snack.

Kevin (adamantly): No! I'm not done yet. Leave, leave.

He waves for me to leave.

Mom: You want me to go out? You're not finished yet?

Kevin: Nope. Close the door.

So I did.

We pretty much think Kevin is adorable.

2nd Situation:

Then, this situation with Grig:

Kevin, again in the bathroom as Grig is helping him finish cleaning up.

Kevin: You're my best friend, Dad.

Grig: You're my friend too!

Kevin: That's why you get to clean my bum.

Grig: That's my reward, huh?

Kevin: Yep!

3rd Situation:

I was putting Kevin to bed. Lately, when he's upset, he'll ask me, "Can you help me calm down?" but tonight, he wasn't very upset.

I kissed him, and said goodnight and told him I needed to go out.

Kevin: Are you going to work on the computer?

Mom: No, I'm getting a drink.

Kevin: Don't get on the computer!

Mom: I won't.

Kevin: Good. Goodnight.

I think he didn't want to miss out on anything exciting. So I gave him one more hug, and then he started scratching my shoulder.

Kevin: I'm scratching your shoulder.

Mom: Thank you.

Kevin (in a excited baby voice that we sometimes talk to the dogs with): Is that the spot? Is that the spot? Doesn't that feel good?

So, I proceeded to spaz like the dogs do when you scratch them in a certain place and told him that that was, in fact, the spot.

He is a funny kid.

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