Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dog Park in December

The weather outside kills me right now, kind of in a good way.

Yesterday, Arkhon, Dakota, Kevin, and I went to the dog park. Kevin wore a light jacket, and I wore no coat at all.
A picture of me and Arkhon.

It was about 58 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and it was a perfect day for a walk. So, about 11:00 a.m., we got ready and left. I jogged a bit, but mostly we walked and my arms got a work out as I worked with Arkhon on not pulling. I usually tie one dog leash to each side of the stroller, so if I'm pulling on Arkhon's lead, I have to steer with the other arm. That wore on my lower arm muscles after a while, but he is making great improvements.

We reached the dog park in about half an hour, and I made both dogs sit and stay before they entered the area. There is a fantastic off-leash, fenced dog park at the end of a walking trail near our apartment. Dakota doesn't much care for playing with the other dogs, but she enjoys laying in the sun. Arkhon and Kevin, however, love it!

Kevin made friends with an obese black Labrador who followed him around. Kevin would run in front of the dog, and it would trot after him with a ball in her mouth. That was pretty cute, and they had other people at the park chuckling.
I didn't actually bring the camera, but this picture shows you what it's like outside right now.

Arkhon made friends with a beagle named Loki, and the two of them wrestled and played with occasional interruptions from Loki's brother Thor, who thought he was the boss and dogs weren't allowed to have fun without him.

Arkhon with a different Loki: his brother.
There were quite a few people there, and at one point I think we had around fifteen dogs. Everyone got along great, though there were a few tense moments with a couple of dogs that came in overly-excited.

Dakota tends to follow me everywhere and to lay down wherever I'm standing/sitting. Arkhon likes to stay close as well, and he's pretty submissive to other dogs, so sometimes they pick on him. Yesterday though, nobody bothered him, and he made good friends with a few of the dogs.

We were outside for about two hours. Kevin fell asleep on the walk home, and Arkhon slept a lot of the rest of the day as well.

They sure love each other.
It is wonderful to be able to go on walks in December, but I'm kind of disappointed as well. We live in Utah. Right now, there's supposed to be snow on the ground and freezing temperatures. There's not supposed to be bugs in the air or frost on the visible grass at night.

I'm not really complaining, but I'm also worried about the amount of moisture we're receiving. If it doesn't start snowing soon, the farmers are going to be in trouble this coming year. I also miss the snow. I want to take Kevin sledding and build a snowman with him. It's hard to do that when there's nothing on the ground.

Maybe it's time to start praying for snow.

The Super Twins!

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